Topping E70 DAC

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Topping E70 DAC

The E70 uses ESS SABRE flagship DAC ES9028PRO. ES9028PRO has a 32-bit 8-channel HyperStream II architecture. In the application of E70, every 4 channels are connected in parallel as one channel, achieving high performance and high sound quality at the same time. A brand new I/V conversion circuit is designed for better quality audio reproduction. The unique circuit design provided lower distortion, lower noise while occupying less space. 

E70 has the certification of Hi-Res Audio Wireless and LDAC. It uses newest QCC5125 chipset to support LDAC / AAC / SBC / aptX / aptX LL / apt X HD / aptx Adaptive protocol by Bluetooth.

To get even better sound quality from Bluetooth, Topping abandon the built-in DAC of the QCC5125 Bluetooth receiver IC and connected this digital signal to the ES9028PRO to decode.

The USB input of the E70 has a wide range of compatibility: Windows 10, 11 and MAC, Linux, iOS, Android can be plug and play. Only Windows ASIO applications you will still need to install drivers and set it up. The USB hardware is based on the newest XMOS XU316 and Thesycon custom driver, which is stable and reliable option.

E70 auto On / Off function, it will automatically switches on if a signal is detected and switch off if no signal is detected after 1 minute. The E70 also has a 12volt trigger that can be use as either in or out to synchronise on and off functionality with other products for power on and off (switching both the E70 and L70 on and off together).

The E70 has balanced XLR outputs and single ended RCA output which you can select as XLR only or RCA only or Both for different applications. The XLR and RCA outputs also have a selectable voltage out (XLR 4-5 volts and RCA 2- 2.5volts) this is to meet a wider range of needs. In addition to the DAC mode with fixed output levels the E70 can also function as a preamp. In this mode you can control the output as you would a normal preamp by adjusting either the front panel knob or remote control allowing greater flexibility. 

*The E70 box includes Remote, USB cable, IEC Power Cable, Bluetooth Antenna and User Manual*

**Topping E70 is offered with a two years UK Electromod Ltd warranty**


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