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If you are looking for information, please check the products first. 

If you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact our customer service team 

Dan Clark Audio


We stock a number of lengths (90cm, 1.8m and 3m) and termination of cables (2.5, 3.5, 4.4, 6.3mm Jack Plug and 4 pin XLR) for the DCA headphones as well as the Electrostatic Headphones.

* If you feel your cable is faulty before you return it please swap the left to right of the cable at the headphone end to make sure as all Dan Clark Audio cables can be tested this way. *


All Dan Clark Audio Earpads are stuck with 3M double sided tape so fitting your new earpads cannot be more simple 

Spare Parts

We carry many spare parts for the DCA headphones please email us with your enquiry

Dekoni Audio


If you are trying to find the correct Earpads for your headphones please check the manufactures website Dekoniaudio.com and click the FIND YOUR PADS button the the top right of the page or please send us an email as we would love to assist you.

Stax Headphones

Older Stax Products

Unfortunately due to Stax the company being purchased a few times over the years we have lost the ability to service many of the older products, anything that is previous to the Lambda models we have no spare parts or information and therefore unable to assist. 

Changing Tubes

After changing tubes on your Stax amplifiers they need to be set up correctly this includes DC offset, biasing and balancing of the tubes and this should not be attempted by unqualified individual, doing this will save your tubes and amplifiers from any damage.

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