Topping D90LE Fully Balanced Dac

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Topping D90LE Fully Balanced Dac

This Topping D90LE has a wide range of compatibility with Windows 10 and above, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android can be plugged directly into the D90LE, Only Windows ASIO applications would need drivers and setup.


The Topping D90LE Dac incorporates the flagship Dac chip from ESS Sabre in the ES9038Pro, with 32bit Hyper-Stream architecture and achieves ultra high performance in the audio field. Each channel of the Topping D90LE is arranged in parallel by 4 conventional balanced channels. This makes the performance of the D90LE even better.

The D90LE also uses a real 4 x Dac parallel connection in terms of sound affects and technology. This makes the D90LE different from other Dac products using the ES9038pro processors.

The D90LE also incorporates Sound simulation, according to the unique harmonic performance or tubes and transistors, Topping have added the sound simulation function of the tubes and transistors to the D90LE, so that you can hear 3 different performances. The D90 LE also has a balanced supported functions so if your pre amp does not have adjustable balance control the you can adjust this through the D90LE.

The D90LE has inputs that can be integrated into a majority of audio systems, offering many options for its input connectivity, there are AES, USB-B (XMOS), Coaxial, Toslink Optics, and I2S LVDS via HDMI. Note the I2S LVDS input has several selectable modes to adapt to your other LVDS devices. The D90LE outputs offers unbalanced RCA Stereo and balanced XLR. The D90LE's design allows only one or both outputs to be used at a time.

With its integrated volume control, the D90LE can also acts as a preamplifier since it includes a volume controller. The volume control function can be disabled so that the D90LE can only be used as a DAC with output levels constantly at their best, i.e. 4 Volts for XLR output and 2 Volts for RCA output.

*The D90LE box includes Remote, USB cable, Bluetooth Antenna, User Manual and Power Cable*

**Topping D90 is offered with a two years UK Electromod Ltd warranty**




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