Topping Pre90 Preamp

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Topping Pre90 Preamp

Topping's Pre90 adopts a fully balanced structure, which can handle balanced XLR and single ended signal processing. The output can be switched to balanced or signal ended or you can even enter the Pre90 with a single ended (rca) connections and output a balanced signal to your amplification.

With the help of a Maximum gain of +16db, Topping's Pre90 could easily amplify a weak signal to an acceptable level for the amplifier. It is also worth mentioning that since the noise is as low as 0.3UVrms, this step does not bring audible noise while amplifying low signal input.

The Pre90 also has a neat trick when switching it on, if the volume was set high the Pre90 will automatically reduce it to a safe volume to avoid yours other products from being damaged. The safe volume feature will kick in when the saved volume exceeds the set limit set by the user this feature can also be turned off.

The Pre90 comes with 1 RCA and 1 XLR input but when connected to the Ext90 the unit can be expanded to 2 Rca and 4 XLR inputs which is plenty enough for most system. Also when multiple inputs are connected with different volumes the Pre90 can set each volume to match allowing the constant same volume output to your amplifier. It can also choose which output this signal goes to Rca for a headphone system or XLR for the main system this can all be done in the Pre90 settings

Outputs on the Pre90 can be set to either RCA only, XLR only or both also the Pre90 can only be set to remember the input volume or output volume it cannot do both.

*Included with the Pre90 is a UK or EU AC power cable, Remote, Manual*

**Topping Pre90 is offered with a two years UK Electromod Ltd warranty**


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