Topping NX7 Portable Amplifier

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Topping NX7 Portable Amplifier 

The Topping NX7 is a portable headphone amplifier with up to 20 hours of music (10 hours when using high gain).

The Topping NX7 has a new NFCA amplifier circuit that is specifically designed for portable amplifiers. The low current power consumption allows for extended use. With an output of 180 mw at 300 ohms and with the help of 3 gain settings the small but powerful NX7 can power most portable headphones even with an output of 200mw the load distortion is only 0.00008%. Even when using very sensitive IEMs the NX7 on low gain is-13.8db output allowing full control of the volume.

The NX7 has been designed with corner guides to effectively prevent the volume being bump whilst in your pocket and also adding protection to the headphone cable and plug, compatible with 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm headphone plugs



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