Topping EHA5 Electrostatic Amplifier

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Topping EHA5 Electrostatic Amplifier

EHA5 is TOPPING's first electrostatic headphone amplifier, which supports all kinds of five pin (pro) electrostatic headphones. EHA5 adopts a new ID design, with 146dB ultra-high dynamic range and output voltage up to 700Vrms, far exceeding other electrostatic amps, so it would perform better when paired with electrostatic headphones. EHA5 supports XLR, TRS, RCA inputs and two steps of gain setting, and supports shutdown pass-through. In addition, EHA5 supports 12V Trigger input, which can be switched on and off synchronously with other devices that support this function.

The BIAS voltage of TOPPING EHA5 is set to standard 580V. It features real-time detection for different supply voltages internally. This protects the headphones from being damaged. 700Vrms output swing is different from the 580V bias voltage and doesn't damage electrostatic headphones. And the highest voltage won't be applied to the headphones unless the amp is pushed to do so and which in turn could damage your headphones if pushed into distortion.

Combining the EHA5 with STAX L300 gives you a system for under £1000 that can stand tall with great performance, a great starting point for anyone wanting to get into electrostatic headphones. 

*The EHA5 box includes Power Adaptor, User Manual*

**Topping EHA5 is offered with a two years UK Electromod Ltd warranty as well as Stax Headphones if purchased together**


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