Topping E50 Dac

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Topping E50 Dac

The Topping E50 is the Bigger and better version of Topping E30 Dac using the ES6068AS Dac chip.

The E50 has all the commonly used inputs USB, optical and coaxial and can either be powered by a USB Charger type power supply or direct from your computer with the cable (supplied). The E50 can by used as a semi portable product for when you are on the move and need something a little better in your hotel room / office etc.

The E50 uses the latest high performance Dac chip ES9068AS and with its USB input using XMOS 2nd 16 core processor XU216 which supports 32bit 768Khz PCM, DSD512 and MQA we are sure to impress.

The unit has a auto on and off mode so when you are not using or the Dac has lost signal after 1 minute the Dac will turn off but once the unit detects an signal it switches right back on again, when using the unit as a preamp you can go directly to your power amplifier and adjust the volume remotely with the remote supplied or you can just use it as the Dac when using as a Dac the E50 is able to fix to maximum output level so that it can be worked as a pure DAC. In this mode, DSD signal will bypass the DATT Soft Mute and 02 Modulator to provide you a pure/direct DSD performance.

*The E50 box includes Remote, USB cable, User Manual and Dc Power Cable*

**Topping E50 is offered with a two years UK Electromod Ltd warranty**


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Dimensions 4.1cm High x 12.9cm wide x 15.5cm deep

Weight 350 grams

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Dimensions 4.1cm High x 12.9cm wide x 15.5cm deep

Weight 350 grams

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