Topping DX1 Headphone USB Dac

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Topping DX1 USB powered Dac and Headphone Amplifier

This is where it starts, need a small Headphone amplifier and USB Dac then the Topping DX1 has you covered. 

Powered by only USB and using the new AK4493S chipset the Topping DX1 works on a number of products including Windows 10 / 11, Mac, Linux which can be used Plug and Play ( Only Windows ASIO applications needs a driver ).

To solve noise coming from the USB power supply the DX1 has a discrete LNRD circuit (low noise reference driver) that filters out noise and some interference and provides a stable and cleaner power supply of low noise for the DX1, this does not mean putting your mobile phone next to it and you will not hear the digital signal clicks well of course you will but your IEM's will work like a dream with this low floor noise. Supply with two gains setting the DX1 will also expand your headphones available to use with this unit along with the 6.3mm and 3.5mm outputs. 

The DX1 also has a fixed line output to be used as Dac if require to other equipment.

*Included in the box: A USB cable (Type A to B), Manual and Warranty card*

** Topping DX1 is offered with a two years UK Electromod Ltd warranty**

***NOTE: This unit will not work on Phones / Tablets as it take it power from a USB device and these are not strong enough to power this device ***


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