Topping D10b Balanced Dac

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Topping D10b Balanced Dac 

TOPPING D10B is a USB Balanced DAC with TRS out, Optical and Coaxial output. 

It uses processor from XMOS(XU208),  ES9038Q2M,  OPA2134, and a custom Thesycon driver for Windows to support maximum PCM384kHz/32bit and DSD256(Native) decode and display the format & sampling rate by indicator. D10S also provide Op amp socket to make it more easily to change another Op amp to get different sound effect.(Other op amps not supplied) 

The D10B is compatible with Android, Windows (7 or above), MAC and also the D10B is able to automatically turn on/off synchronise with the computer. 

Also the D10B can be used and a USB convertor as in that you can connect USB to the device and output coaxial or optical to another Dac.

*The D10B box includes USB cable, 2 x TRS to Balanced convertors , User Manual*

**Topping D10B is offered with a two years UK Electromod Ltd warranty**

***NOTE: This unit will not work on Phones / Tablets as it take it power from a USB device and these are not strong enough to power this device ***


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