Topping A70pro Headphone Amplifier

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Topping A70Pro Headphone Amplifier

The new T'ang-ku-la Module uses a three-stage feedback circuit that further reduces noise and high frequency distortion, making the dynamic range rise to an unmatched 147dB. The new technology greatly reduces heat and thus greatly improving reliability, extending electronic component life and reducing thermal noise. 

Developing the ultra-low noise input stage further improves the noise performance of balanced input and increases the input impedance to 20kΩ thus having better compatibility with incoming devices. 

When multiple devices are used in combination ground loop noise may be encountered. the A70 Pro adds a GND/LIFT switch so if ground loop noise is encountered switch to LIFT and the noise will disappear. 

The A70 Pro has one set of balanced XLR and one set of single-ended RCA inputs but with the Ext90 input expansion you get a total of four balanced XLR and two single ended RCA inputs.

The A70 Pro drives headphones well, and has the same high performance in the headphone amp mode, as well as a preamp stage with an RCA output impedance of only 50Ω and an XLR output impedance of only 100Ω, allowing it to be used with a wide range of input impedance for various power amplifiers. In addition a full-featured remote control makes operation even easier. 

A70 pro and D70 Pro SABRE have identical design languages and can meet the needs of the vast majority of headphones and active speakers. The A70 Pro and D70 Pro SABRE can be switched on and off in conjunction via the 12V Trigger connector, allowing the A70 Pro to be synchronised with the D70 Pro SABRE for automatic or manual switching 

A70 pro has 12v trigger input and output interface which supports being triggered by other devices to switch on and off, and also supports actively triggering other devices to switch on and off synchronously. 

**Topping A70 PRO comes with Remote control, Power cable, 6.35mm to 3.5mm adaptor**

**Topping A70 PRO is offered with a two years UK Electromod Ltd warranty**


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