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The Topping MX3 amplifier has an aluminum case which has been designed with hidden screws, which shows no screws on front panel and around. This is in order to have a better surface and look to the product, it also looks simular with MAC BOOK finish.

Topping's MX3 has a built-in DAC and which can offer better proformance than a standard PC's built-in sound card. We suggest you to connect your PC'S coaxial/optical/USB to MX3's input,then connect MX3 to your speakers and or headphones to get the best proformance, you can also connect a active subwoofer to MX3 if you wish.

If you are close to the MX3 a NFC label can be used to fast connect MX3's Bluetooth input and enjoy Bluetooth music by speaker or headphone. If your phone or tablet does not has NFC,you can just search with Bluetooth to connect. 

MX3 can also serve as a simple power amp or headphone amp. Input signal could be taken from cd or dvd player,dac,TV,phone,PC and etc. If you want to use other amplifiers you can it as dac+Pre-amplifier. Connect input signal to BT/USB/Optical/Coaxial/AUX,then connect output signal from headphone output.

If your system already has amplifier and DAC, MX3 could serve as a simple pre-amplifier, so i is a very versatile product.

MX3-Diagram_5f356288112e4.jpg (62.07 KB)The MX3 box includes Remote, USB cable, Bluetooth Antenna, NFC Label User Manual and Dc Power Supply and UK or EU power cable*

**Topping MX3 is offered with a two years UK Electromod Ltd warranty (that's one more than most)**

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