Dekoni Audio Foam Kit

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Dekoni Audio Foam Attenuation Kit

Dekoni Audio is proud to multiply the tuning options available to you with our Foam Attenuation Kit. Sporting foam sheets with a variety of densities large enough to fully cover even the largest drivers, a quick trim is now all it takes to trim away at the high frequencies and dial in your headphones sound signature for maximum listening pleasure.

Placing foam between your ear and the driver generally targets the high frequency range, reducing the highest frequencies and essentially “softening” the sound of your headphones. This can help if you find sibilance or long-term listening fatigue to be an issue, by taming cymbals, spoken S’s or similar.

The Foam Attenuation Kit includes four different densities of foam to offer a wide variety of tuning options. Simply mark and cut the sheet, then place the foam attenuator between the headphone driver and earpad and you’re ready!


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