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Dekoni Earpads forAudeze Maxwell Headphones

Step into the realm of unmatched immersion with the Audeze Maxwell, a titan in the gaming headset arena, now paired with Dekoni Audio’s Elite Velour Earpads.

These earpads, meticulously designed to complement the Maxwell’s superior sound fidelity, are crafted from plush velour, ensuring breathability and enduring comfort during intense gaming sessions. The high thread count velour not only elevates voice clarity by refining the midrange frequencies but also enhances isolation with Dekoni’s signature high-density memory foam, allowing you to dive deeper into your games without external distractions.

Embrace the fusion of Audeze’s revolutionary planar magnetic drivers and Dekoni’s acoustical precision, creating an unparalleled gaming experience. With the added benefit of the Maxwell’s DSP software, you can tailor your audio landscape to perfection, ensuring that the Audeze Maxwell remains synonymous with the pinnacle of gaming audio.

Or transform your Audeze Maxwell, the gold standard in gaming audio, with Dekoni Audio’s Elite Sheepskin Earpads. Handcrafted from the finest lambskin leather, these earpads are not just a testament to luxury but also to acoustic ingenuity, enhancing the Maxwell’s already stellar sound profile.

The use of sheepskin, coupled with Dekoni’s signature high-density, heat-activated memory foam, focuses your music for an intimate listening experience while providing enhanced isolation from external noise, allowing for an even deeper immersion into your gaming world. The earpads’ superior materials and design augment the Maxwell’s bass response, adding a layer of depth and warmth to its award-winning sound.

Merge the best of Audeze’s cutting-edge audio technology with Dekoni’s expertise in earpad innovation for a gaming experience that transcends the ordinary. Customise your auditory journey with the Maxwell’s advanced DSP capabilities, ensuring the Audeze Maxwell continues to set the standard in the gaming headset market.


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