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The Audeze LCD Collection is a series of Planar Magentic headphones. There are 8 variants starting with the LCD-2 going all the way up to the LCD-4 and LCD-4z. Other Headphones in the line up that these fit are the LCD-3, LCD-XC, LCD-X, LCD2 Classic, and the LCD-MX4. Dekoni Audio has been designing this ear pad for the Audeze LCD series in response to a vast demand for replacement pads. This ear pad set comes in Super Soft Fenstrated Sheepskin, Elite Velour, and a Hybrid pad that is the best of all the variants.

Dekoni Audio DOES NOT recommend using our pads with the LCD4 or the LCD-4z without first installing the original Audeze Spacers that come with the stock pads.  Failure to do so could potentially damage your drivers.  Dekoni Audio and Electromod WILL NOT be responsible for any damage resulting from using our products without the spacers installed.

The Fenestrated Sheepskin pad, with it’s intricately spaced perforations, is designed to be cooler and more comfortable than any other pad and has the added benefit of helping to give the headphone a cleaner sound stage and less reflections of the direct sound before entering the ear. 

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