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This tough and compact headphone case works with Dan Clark Audio and MrSpeakers ETHER headphones as well as many 3rd party headphones. Made in the USA, this case offers strong protection for full size headphones, while minimizing the size required to pack into a backpack for transport. An internal webbed flap can hold personal audio players or cables in place (caution: sharp edges may damage headphones, it is the owner's responsibility to pack the case appropriately). SIZE: This case is designed for our ETHER headphones, or other similarly sized "Full sized circumaural" headphones.

The case does not fit the Alpha headphones well, they are too large. If you decide to use these cases with other headphones, please post your comments to let others know which headphones do, or don't, fit. CUSTOMER REPORTED FITS (not guaranteed to fit) Sennheiser, HD800, HD650, HD600 McIntosh MHP1000 Beyerdamic T5p POOR FIT Mad Dog, Alpha Dog and Alpha Prime (pad compression)

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