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AEON 2 Closed Noire Headphones

Since Dan Clark Audio launched ÆON 2 they have had two frequent requests: make a black version, and offer it with the perforated pads. Well they listened, and here it is! Experience the dynamics, detail and smooth sound of ÆON 2, with a striking black finish and a vibrant new sound with an expanded soundstage and a lighter midrange tone relative to its ÆON 2 Closed sibling.

Every Dan Clark Audio planar magnetic headphone is powered by a 100% proprietary driver. No off-the-shelf parts stuck into a new enclosure here - the drivers are designed in-house! Features include: Super-efficient transducer keeps weight down by reducing magnet size Patented Trueflow technology improves airflow through the motor, producing a major upgrade in detail retrieval (AEON 2 sports our advanced second-generation Trueflow design) Patented V-Planar driver processing: textures the driver surface for superior low-frequency performance and improved diaphragm stability

ÆON 2’s unique and patented folding gimbal design allows it to pack into a truly compact case that can fit into nearly anything, even a large purse. For travelers who crave that full-size headphone experience but have limited space, ÆON 2 sets a new standard in portable excellence.


Driver: 62mm x 34mm single-ended planar magnetic

Driver matching: +/-2dB to target curve, channel matched to 0.5dB weighted 30-8KHz

THD: less than 0.3% 20-20KHz, 0.1% 100-8KHz

Headband: Nickel-Titanium (Nitinol) memory metal

Baffle: Carbon Fiber

Earpads: Japanese Synthetic Protein Leather

Comes with ÆON 2 Noire headphone, Carrying case, ¼” with 3.5mm OR 4-Pin XLR Cable (optional upgrade to VIVO cable), Certificate of authenticity, Manual, Tuning kit

*Dan Clark Audio does not publish a spec because too many vendors shamelessly exaggerate the response of their headphones to win the "spec wars," making any comparison of specs irrelevant.

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