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The Topping LA90 is breaking new ground and reaches a new level of accuracy for Topping Amplifiers.

The LA90 adopts a high precision CNC machined case in aluminium providing exquisite detail and protection with a giant heatsink which can dissipated the heat quickly making the LA90 more reliable.

The typical THD+N of the LA90 is 0.00007%@8ohms10watts and 0.00008%@4ohms20watts. This is already as low as some Dac's which means a more accurate reproduction of the music source. Even with the commonly used 4ohms load 1watt to 60watt output the LA90 can control distortion around 0.0001%.

With the 3 sets of balanced / TRS inputs and 2 gain settings (+6.7db Low, +19db High) the LA90 has enough high quality inputs.

The LA90 can also be configured in a common stereo two channel mode or can be configured in a high power mono mode (when using mono the minimum load has to be 8ohms). The volume control can be set with the remote or front knob or it can also be set to bypass for better use with a preamplifier or headphone amplifier like the A90, this is also especially useful when synchronising the volume for two LA90 in mono mode.

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Contents of Box

Power Supply and Power Cable, shorting cable for mono mode and manual

The Topping LA90 also comes with a two year UK warranty

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