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The TOPPING A50s is a Ultra-High Performance NFCA modules, using the same NFCA (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) module from flagship A90. Voltage Current hybrid feedback architecture along with UHGF (Ultra High Gain Feedback) technology provides excellent DC and AC performance. High output current drive capability allows the amp driving low impedance headphones with ease. Ultra-low noise of 0.3uV is miles ahead of the competition, giving an absurdly high dynamic proformance of 141dB and no audible floor noise for the most sensitive IEMs.

The A50s also features a ultra wide frequency response, which exceeds the CD and Hi-Res Audio standard, which can be sent to the three outputs 6.35mm single ended and 4.4mm balanced headphone outputs and Rca pre outs.

The A50s has a digitally controlled volume which fixes some issues that other products have with potentiometers and thus increasing reliability.

If you would like to hear your music on another speaker amplifier or active speakers no problem you can do this via the RCA connectors on the rear of the unit which is controlled via the same volume control, just remove your headphones and this output switches on and plug your headphone in again to switch it off it is this simple.

The A50s family fits nicely in any situation the D50 Dac and the P50 upgraded power supply will give you hours of happy listening.

Electromod Ltd offers a two year warranty on all Topping Audio products sold through us 

Inside in box you will receive 



15V1A adapter*1

User's manual*1

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