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Topping DX3Pro+ Headphone Amplfier and Dac

You've been looking for a one-box solution and the DX3Pro+ can offer great performance with a small foot print as either an headphone amplifier, Dac or Preamplifier or all of the above with also a built in bluetooth receiver for streaming music from ether a phone or tablet.

The DX3Pro+ has three digital input 2 coaxial and one optical also one USB and bluetooth, the Dx3Pro+ also has two different gains settings to apapt to various sensetive headphones with these settings we hopefully have you covered.

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 The DX3Pro+ also has two rca outputs so you can use it as a preamplifer to either active speakers or to another amplifer like the PA3, nothing like covering all the bases.

*Included with the DX3Pro+ is a UK power cable, 6.3mm to 3.5mm headphone convertor, Blue Tooth Antenna, Remote, USB Cable, Manual*

**Topping DX3Pro+ is offered with a two years UK Electromod Ltd warranty (that's one more than most)**

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