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Synergistic Research XOT's

Synergistic Research XOT's [SYNRXOT]

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Introducing the latest product from Synergistic Research UEF Technology (Uniform Energy Field) initially developed to work with HFTs- High Frequency Transducers and FEQ- Frequency Equaliser.

Synergistic Research XOT's

£290.00 inc VAT
SYNRXOT Type: Spade

Variant: Spade


£290.00 inc VAT
SYNRXOT Type: Banana

Variant: Banana


Terminated in either spade or banana to connected directly to your speakers.

Room treatments have mostly been devices designed to diffuse or absorb sound, the Synergistic Research XOT is a high-frequency crossover filter that attaches to a loudspeaker’s binding posts. According to Synergistic Research, the XOT further increases resolution, lowers the noise floor, and creates a more holographic sound. These tubular crossovers come with spade or banana terminations, are a little over 7cm long, and have a diameter of just 3cm.

According to Synergistic Research all there room treatments, whether active or passive, have been designed to fix several fundamental problems. One of these problems, they say, occurs when sound waves are emitted from the speakers of a stereo system and interact with hundreds, if not thousands, of resonators, or “strings,” found in the typical listening room: furniture, walls, windows, ceilings, equipment racks, light fixtures, knick-knacks, speaker and component enclosures, etc. 

Synergistic Research says, these strings resonate out of tune. This compromises sound-staging, reduces the perceived air around the aural images of instruments, shortens the decays of notes, and distorts harmonics.

Synergistic Research claim that there tiny, passive HFTs -- tiny cylinders of aluminium no bigger than a thumbtack (8mm in diameter by 8mm long) -- can be applied to various resonating surfaces in a room to alleviate this problem. Like the FEQ and XOT, discussed, uses a proprietary Synergistic Research technology called Uniform Energy Field (UEF).

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